Comprehensive evaluation, establishing principles and a long-term vision form the core elements of our activity.


… and re-utilise existing buildings. At the beginning we establish the optimal future use of the property. Clear precise proposals for the user are the foundation stone of our planning. The idea is for the right use at the right time to be offered in a suitable form, both technically and from the spatial angle.

We make sure that the quality of the location and use of the property are appropriate. By including interested parties (neighbours, authorities, etc.), an understanding for any possible changes is increased. We structure all surface areas in an optically unobtrusive way. This therefore gives the user a framework within which he can freely design his own living and working space.


…. properties for investment purposes throughout Switzerland. The property should stand out for a special reason, such as excellent connections to the transportation system, considerable scope for parking, view, historic old quarter or close to water.

No properties are too small for us. We only handle larger properties – upwards of 20M CHF – in cooperation with a partner (for example, yourself as vendor). Age and condition of the property are not decisive factors. For properties which are completely or partially let, we pay attention to the type, length and market requirements of the tenancy. We relish in special transaction forms (sale and rent back, property groups, etc.).